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A Wine Path - Vršac

Visiting the town of vine. Vršac, the town under a tower, is located 82km from Belgrade [a little more than one hour of a pleasant ride]. Vršac is one of those towns that are reasonably proud of its past and intensive development of the cultural life. In the past, this town was under a continual and intensive cultural development, with great intellectual circles of artists, long theater tradition and permanent literary life.

Vršac is a town which still amazes with its old architecture. However, this town "under the tower" is still in the process of urbanization, conformed to contemporary needs of the modern man, but with tendency of keeping the old center with its unique architecture.

In the history of this area, the first mention of vineyards dates from the middle of 1st century. In 1494, the royal court of Hungarian king Vladislav II, paid 10, 5 golden forints for a half of a barrel of Vršac wine. Turkish writer Evlija Čelebija writes in his itineraries from 1660. and 1664. about Vršac and its vineyards with crimson, delicious, sweet grape, scattered around hills.

08:00 Departure from Belgrade from assigned place;
10:00 Arrival to Vršac, the tow of vine. Short rest, meeting with the guide and town detour: Vladičanski dvor, Saborna crkva, Apoteka na stepenicama, Sv. Gerhard cathedral;
12:00 Visiting Mesić monastery, 14th century endowment of Jovan the Baptist, 9km from Vršac;
12: 45 "Kula" site / town panorama
14:00 Lunch in "Sv. Nikola" restaurant [Banatian lunch]
14: 50 WINE PATH
16:00 Gudurica wine cellar ''Vršački vinogradi'', degustation
17:00 Veliko Središte wine cellar ''Đorđa Krstov-a'', degustation;
17: 50 Free time for individual activities

The arrangement includes:
- Transportation by bus;
- Services of the local guide;
- Lunch in "Sv. Nikola" restaurant
- Services in the wine cellars including wine degustation / quiz diplomas [Vršac vineyards]...
- Sightseeing
- Organization and other expenses of the arrangement

This unique tour offers you following possibilities:
- A visit to "Vršački Vinogradi" wine cellar with capacity of 3.420 waggons and modern equipment for wine manufacture and care.
- Visiting a large part of vineyard plantations [from altogether 1.700 ha]
- Visiting famous old wine cellars in Gudurica and Veliko središte villages near Vršac, where you will see cellars and degust selected sorts of wine in company of wine makers.
Minimal number of passengers is 40.

The agency keeps the right of canceling the excursion if not enough passengers had applied.

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